Products and Services

Products and Services

Medical Supplies Curaçao offers products and services to a large variety of healthcare institutions, medical and dental professionals. We also deliver to consumers.


Medical Supplies Curaçao offers several products to carry out clinical test to diagnose. For example glucose monitoring, blood pressure diagnostics, blood oxygen lever monitoring and SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test



Healthcare Professionals

Equipment and supplies for all healthcare professionals.


Covid self-tests, thermometers, mouth masks, vitamins, and supplements.


High end resuscitation equipment for ambulances, clinics and hospitals.

Personal Protection Gear

Medical gloves, masks, medical gowns, and anything in between.


Hospital & Clinics

We equip hospitals, clinics, and ambulances with their stationary and mobile equipment. With well known brands.

Healthcare Institutions

We supply medical laboratories, nursing homes, geriatric homes and botikas with their medical supplies.



We assist medical professionals with information about the equipment for their locations and help them make an informed decision about the materials they need.


Contact us if you need help with the installation or usage of our medical equipment and supplies. With well known brands.

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